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Labeling –

 Warehouse labelling is an essential process to correctly identify the goods as well as the different areas and elements involved in logistics operations.

 Labels make it easier to code products, load-bearing elements and racks quickly and accurately, limiting the risk of error in processes such as goods handling and order picking. Proper labelling minimises confusion in logistics operations and consequently boosts productivity in the facility

Benefits and Features

Eshopify Fulfillment serves various consumer and business-to-business industries and our services offer many benefits and features in terms of 3PL labeling processes and compliance.

  • We stay up to date on industry shipping standards and regulations.
  • Our relationship commits us to your company’s brand as an extension of your own offices and standards.
  • All labelling is completed in-house for all orders

The Shipping Label

Labeling is no longer about peel-it and stick-it on a box. Today’s business customers need a logistics vendor with 3PL shipping label capabilities that handle a variety of regulatory, technical, and customization requirements.

Eshopify Fulfillment delivers on all of these, and more.
Need something special, just ask!


How Eshopify Fulfillment Supports Kitting & Bundling

  • Kitting and bundling with Eshopify Fulfillment allows you to sell bundles and individual products simultaneously.
  • Never worry about not having the ability to fulfil a bundle order due to stockouts —Eshopify Fulfillment automatically looks at the available quantity for each SKU and chooses the lowest quantity to determine the number of available bundles. This ensures all items of the bundle can be fulfilled.
  • Simply create a bundle within Eshopify Fulfillment using your current products and our team do the work for you, allowing you to meet your inventory management goals and maximize your profits by not losing out on vital sales.

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