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Marketplaces order fulfillment 

Amazon, Noon, Carrefour, Sharaf DG Fulfillment.

We empower merchants to thrive in e-commerce marketplaces across the UAE & KSA by providing top-notch marketplace order fulfillment services. The leading marketplaces in these regions are Amazon, Noon,Carrefour and Sharaf DG. If you’re seeking storage solutions and delivery services for these marketplaces or direct-to-customer deliveries, Eshopify is your ideal partner.

Our capabilities extend to storing and delivering e-commerce orders from platforms such as Amazon and Noon, offering the flexibility to deliver directly to customers or to Noon and Amazon fulfillment centers. This streamlined approach facilitates the centralization of your inventory in one strategic location.

Alternatively, for merchants looking to replenish Amazon & Noon warehouses, our specialized marketplace replenishment service is designed to meet your needs. We coordinate bulk inventory preparation in accordance with Amazon Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) and Noon Fulfilled By Noon (FBN) standards. Once orders are prepared, our couriers efficiently pick them up and deliver them to either an Amazon fulfillment center or a Noon fulfillment center.

Flexible Pricing Structure

Our flexible pricing model at Eshopify is designed to ensure that you pay only for the services you utilize. We categorize our charges into three key services: storage, order preparation, and delivery.

When it comes to storage, you are billed based on the cubic meter space actively utilized on a monthly basis. This allows for adaptability, accommodating fluctuations in space requirements from month to month based on your specific needs.

Regarding order preparation, we customize our fees to offer cost-effective solutions, particularly for ecommerce marketplace replenishment. This is especially beneficial for larger and bulkier orders, facilitating the efficient stocking of items in Amazon FBA and Noon FBN warehouses. Recognizing the larger scale of deliveries to Amazon and Noon fulfillment centers, we aim to enhance the profitability of managing such orders.

In terms of delivery, we collaborate with last-mile providers who provide flexible rates for shipments of varying sizes, ensuring both large and small shipments are cost-effective for our clients.

Outsource order fulfilment for faster growth Pricing

If you’re an eCommerce seller on Online Marketplaces like Amazon,Noon etc chances are you’ve struggled with the logistics of fulfilling orders. We provide solutions for small and large businesses seeking to outsource all aspects of order processing, including inventory management, warehousing, packaging, labeling, and shipment, allowing them to concentrate on growing their business!Schedule a call with us to know more.

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