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 Customer removal management is an important part of


 Eshopify has been a name synonym with the removal industry in the UAE. We provide comprehensive Domestic and Commercial removal services. Our friendly staff will carefully plan your move and are professionally trained in all aspects of removal.

We offer a packing service using the top of the quality and appropriate packing materials along with traditional skills to ensure the safest possible journey for your belongings.
Our removers wrap every piece of furniture individually. Upholstery is protected with individual covers and we pack your clothes into portable wardrobes and CDs into special cartons. All parcels and packages are also clearly marked with the room that they came from or which room they are going to.

A well organised reverse fulfillment allows

  • To quickly return the goods to the warehouse for resale (if the goods are in new condition).
  • To sale rather than to store second-hand goods or the goods having insignificant damage.
  • To save space in the warehouse by directly disposing of the goods unfit for resale.
  • To figure out the problematic and loss-making goods based on the documentation and the reports.

Return Management

Customer returns management is an important part of the e-commerce

The return procedure is equally unpleasant for the seller who loses profit and for the buyer who was unhappy with his purchase. However, correct reverse logistics management allows us to achieve benefits even in this situation.

  • Reverse logistics
    Reverse logistics is the process of moving goods from their final destination back to the warehouse or supplier. It involves collecting, transporting, tracking, and storing returned or exchanged items. To implement a reverse logistics system, you need to have a designated area in your warehouse for receiving and sorting returns and exchanges, as well as a reliable carrier or courier service for picking up and delivering them. We also need to have software or system for managing and updating the inventory and order status of returned or exchanged items.

  • Inspection and processing
    Once you receive the returned or exchanged items, you need to inspect and process them according to your return policy and quality standards. We need to check the condition, quantity, and validity of the items, and verify the customer information and reason for return or exchange. We also need to decide whether to issue a refund, a replacement, a credit, or a rejection for each item. We should document and record the inspection and processing results, and notify the customer and the accounting department accordingly.
  • Restocking or disposing
    After inspecting and processing the returned or exchanged items, you need to restock or dispose of them depending on their condition and value. If the items are in good condition and can be resold, you should restock them in their original or appropriate location in the warehouse, and update the inventory accordingly. If the items are damaged, defective, or obsolete, we should dispose of them in a safe and environmentally friendly way, or return them to the supplier if possible. We will also track and report the cost and revenue of restocking or disposing of the items.

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