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API Integration –

 Are you in the e-commerce business? Connect your
e-commerce to our order management system.

 Streamline your logistics by integrating your business with our APIs.  Achieve a clear and centralized view of your supply chain by seamlessly connecting with our APIs. Gain access to real-time tracking, up-to-date warehouse and order management, and the analytics needed to manage your operations proactively and effectively — all powered by innovative, industry-leading platforms.


You can say goodbye to the complexities of managing large-scale parcel tracking. These integrations offer a wide range of benefits that simplify your tracking process and streamline your operations. Here’s how Parcel Tracking integrations can benefit your business: –

  • Gain real-time tracking insights: Our tracking integrations enable you to track packages across various carriers giving you real-time insights into the tracking events and locations of all shipments in transit. By consolidating tracking data from different carriers, you can easily monitor all the shipments through a single interface.
  • Reduce manual efforts and errors: Legacy systems and processes are not equipped to deal with large volumes of parcel data and this leads to delays and errors. Through robust integrations, our software helps Parcel Tracking and collects data coming in from different carriers and standardizes raw tracking events for error-free parcel tracking. This eliminates the need to map different forms of data manually, reduces team load, and helps provide accurate and timely updates to customers.
  • Open API to connect all ecosystems: Our Open software allows you to integrate various systems, including carrier partners, order management systems, warehouse management systems, CRM, and more. A well-connected system streamlines the data flow and enables seamless information exchange. These integrations facilitate real-time updates, improve visibility, and empower businesses to respond promptly to customer inquiries and exceptional situations.

Our Warehouse Management System provides you following things.

  • Manages e-Commerce and B2B logistics operations from one single platform, on handheld devices, mobile and desktops.
  • Get real-time inventory access, optimize your warehouse space, and streamline your order fulfillment process to always deliver on-time.
  • Enable faster picking & packing with a mobile app or PDA scanner.
  • Automatically generate & print shipping labels and invoices to reduce manual effort & errors.
  • Boost efficiency with partial picking or picking by pool for identical orders.
  • Easily manage flow through orders and reduce the time that goods spend in your warehouse

Reach your destination 100% safe & secure

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