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Custom Clearance –

 Monitor the movement and date of arrival of shipments, and shorten the time required to clear shipments. Wide experience in completing all customs procedures at Jebel Ali Port as well as Dubai Airports.Saving time and effort on customers through innovating best customs clearance systems in Dubai, which allows all customs procedures to be completed in a fast and effective electronic method in an integrated manner. Full support is provided to complete all procedures with high accuracy, leading to improved service level.

Facilitate import and export operations through the provision of customs advice and the documents needed.Our team of specialists in customs clearance available to guarantee the termination of all customs procedures, and to ensure that the necessary shipping documents are ready to be issued or received in order to avoid wasting time and money resulting from any delay.Providing cargo transportation from ports and airports to various types of goods and materials after clearance and delivering them to your home or warehouse in the UAE.

Documents required for import :

  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Packing statement.
  • Certificate of origin.
  • Bill of Lading.
  • Authorization letter.
  • Health certificate for foodstuffs and other according to the types of imported shipments.
  • Prior approvals and permits in the country of importation for some special materials.
  • For commercial shipments, the importing company should be registered with the tax authority and also with the customs authority

Importer of Record /IOR

Experience hassle-free market entry into the UAE and KSA with our Import On Records (IOR) and E-commerce fulfillment services. Tailored for international companies, we eliminate the need for a local agent or distributor and spare you the complexities of establishing a new entity. From Licensing and Customs Clearance to Goods Transportation, Storage, and Marketplace Listing, we provide end-to-end solutions, ensuring seamless product delivery and timely payment remittance. Streamline your expansion into the UAE and KSA markets with Eshopify Fulfillment.

Why do I require the IOR EOR Services? 

Since multinational logistics usually require more than one nation, IOR Importer of Record and EOR Exporter of Record exists to ensure that every procedure would be completed without difficulties with regional legal issues and taxes. It’s a guarantee that any issue that goes wrong can be resolved quickly.

Other benefits of cooperating as IOR Importer of Record| EOR Exporter of Record are:

  1. A simplified process for clearing shipment.
  2. There is no cost to create legal entities in foreign nations.
  3. An efficient process that is fully in line with all Import laws of countries of import, which includes an effective document retention system that is which is compliant with Import |Export laws.

Product Registration in UAE

Montaji product registration
Product registration in Dubai through Montaji is crucial as the Dubai Municipality is the exclusive authority overseeing and approving consumer products for import and sale in the local market. This stringent process is designed to safeguard consumer safety. During registration, the department scrutinizes product label information and requires supporting documents that align with the details on the label. In certain instances, lab tests may also be requested.

The standard timeframe for completing a product registration with the Dubai Municipality is approximately 22 working days. Simplify and expedite your product registration process by choosing Eshopify, your one-stop solution. Schedule a call with us for comprehensive information and assistance.

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