Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use Eshopify Fulfillment 3PL warehouse?

With our warehouse located in Al Quoz, Dubai, Eshopify Fulfillment is able to help clients manage their inventory requirements, while allowing them to focus on their core business growth strategies. We help manage their supply chain by:

  • Keeping track of inventory levels in real time
  • Order management and tracking
  • Order fulfillment
  • 24/7 security

Eshopify 3rd Party Logistics is ideal for customers who are looking to use the UAE as their distribution hub to tap into markets across the Middle East.

2. Will my products be safe in your warehouse?

All our warehouses are secure, climate-controlled facilities with highly automated pick & pack processes to facilitate safe and timely processing of merchant orders. Trust our warehouse for:

  • 24-hour security staff
  • Climate- and humidity-controlled storage
3. Will I be compensated in case any unit is lost or damaged ?

As is the case with most carriers, only a limited liability for damage or loss in transit can be assumed, depending on the cause. If your units are damaged, we recommend filing a damage claim with your carrier. Eshopify Fulfillment is not responsible for damage during shipment to our warehouse.

4. Will you take care of my individual unit packaging as per Amazon guidelines ?

Yes! Amazon has clear guidelines for preparing products for delivery. Each product must be individually packaged and  labeled based on the product stickering requirements. We take care of all that. We will also ensure that bundled products are packaged together.

We understand Amazon’s guidelines and make sure that the outer packaging adheres to their requirement of clear plastic or opaque packaging, or cardboard cartons in the prescribed sizes. Units that are not in secure packaging are bagged or secured with non-adhesive bands or tape, depending on the product. We will label each product with a scannable barcode with a UPC, ISBN, EAN, or FNSKU depending on the stickering settings that you set up in your account.

5. How must I pack my products for shipment to you ?

Pack your product units using as few boxes as possible. Protect the products, especially fragile products, from damage during shipping by adding cushioning material like styrofoam or bubble-wrap within the box. Check the sealed box to ensure the contents in the box will not shift during shipping and that the box is strong enough for shipping.

6. Why is DDP directly to Amazon warehouses not recommended ?
7. What is product inspection ?

Product inspection is the process of checking goods for compliance with Amazon specifications and requirements. Our warehouse is geared to do a thorough inspection to avoid returns and negative feedback from customers.

8. What is a UPC bar code ?

UPC bar code is nothing but a unique code assigned to each product on the Amazon marketplace. It is done to clearly distinguish the said item from the millions of others already existing in the online market. UPC codes make it easy to identify individual products sold on Amazon across the world.

9. What is Amazon FNSKU bar code?

Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU) is an Amazon-unique term to describe the barcodes that help the eCommerce guru identify and track products and connect them to you, the seller. This product-identifying code is similar to a UPC and it’s used to help Amazon label your product in their fulfillment centres.

10. What is standard-size versus oversize?

A standard-sized item is one that, when fully packaged, weighs 12 kg or less and does not exceed:

  • 45 cm on its longest side (subject to change without notice)
  • 34 cm on its median side (subject to change without notice)
  • 26 cm on its shortest side (subject to change without notice)

Any item exceeding these dimensions or weighing more than 12 kg is considered oversized.

11. What packing material am I allowed to use?

Approved Dunnage

List of approved forms of dunnage:

  • Air pillows
  • Full sheets of paper
  • Polythene rolls
  • Newspaper
  • Thermocol sheets

Unapproved Dunnage

List of unapproved forms of dunnage:

  • Shredded paper
  • Thermocol chips
  • Styrofoam peanuts
  • Crinkle wrap
12. How do I determine the specific product size tier for my item?

 To determine the correct tier for your item, find the row in the table below with measurements that do not exceed the weight or the dimensions of your item.

Use the larger of either the single unit weight or the dimensional weight. The dimensional weight is equal to the unit volume (length x width x height) divided by 5,000.

Maximum weights and dimensions for packaged items
Product size tier Weight Longest side Median side Shortest side
Standard size <12 kg <=45 cm <=34 cm <=26 cm
Oversize* <30 kg >45 cm >34 cm >26 cm

*All items weighing more than 12 kg are classified as oversize

13. Can you add/manage returns to your warehouse?

Yes, our fulfillment center is capable of handling returns from Amazon warehouse.

14. What are the different freight forwarding terms I must be aware of?

DDP (Delivery Duty Paid)

The seller bears all the risks and responsibilities, including the payment of import duties.

CFT (Cost & Freight)

The seller bears the responsibility for all costs and risks during carriage, including clearing the goods. Cost of Import duties is not included.

CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight)

Similar to the case above, the seller is responsible for all risks and responsibilities during transport and for customs clearance of the goods. However, in the case of CIF, the seller is obligated to arrange a sea transport insurance as well.

15. Under what circumstances am I likely to have returns ?
  • If your product has a technical glitch. (For example, you have purchased a kitchen weighing scale and it gives incorrect reading.)
  • Your products are not selling because competition hijacked your listing and you want to sell them by using a different strategy like bundling.
  • UPC/FNSKU labels have fallen off. This happens quite often.
  • Products at Amazon warehouse have been damaged and no longer fulfillable by Amazon
  • Original packing is destroyed (as the end user returned the goods back to Amazon after opening the original box cover) and the Amazon team is unable to restore it.
16. What product information do you require from me ?

You must provide us with information that we request about your products in a format that we prescribe. This information may include all information regarding all available product categorization and sub-categorization, item and packaging dimensions, weight & bar code data, product condition, number of boxes and lastly number of units in each box.

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