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Warehousing Storage
Key to your Success

Store, Ship, Delivery -- More Efficiently

What is Warehousing?

Warehousing is one of the essential elements of the supply chain. It is the process of storing physical goods before they are sold and delivered to the end consumer.

We have designed these storage solutions, giving utmost importance to the safety and security of your products. Your products and goods are stored in a highly organised way. This will increase efficiency in tracking the location of items and facilitate easy handling of all steps; starting from inventory management, and operations, to delivery.

Calculation of CBM = Length x Width x Height
For Example:
If you have 8 Cartons
Dimension of each Carton is L 75cm W 60cm H 45cm
So, 00.75 x 00.60 x 00.45 = 0.2025 (CBM of one Carton)
0.2025 x 8 Cartons = 1.62 CBM

Storage Fees:

Dry Storage:
AED 3.00 Per Day Per CBM

Temperature Controlled Storage:
AED 3.5 Per Day Per CBM

Effective Part of Logistics Management System


You want to enhance sales.
You want to save time & money and boost your productivity.
You are out of the country and have no one to rely on.
You want to expand and don’t have space in your place.
You’re trying to boost the operation of your UAE or Saudi Arabia or Egypt logistics.

Warehousing Storage is a great place to start as it is the core of any business that sells physical goods easily & efficiently.

Roles of Eshopify Warehousing in Logistics

Efficient Inventory Management

Efficient Inventory Management

With access to our warehouse, your goods will be efficiently managed from a centralised location. It will be easy and convenient for investors to manage all the shipping processes while being able to check & analyse whether operations require optimisation or elimination and if there are any strategy gaps.
The warehouse personnel handle and coordinate the identification, categorisation, and dispatching of goods to their storage location, having observed necessary security measures and facilitating the overall efficiency in inventory management.
With accurate inventory insights & advanced technology, we will give you periodic reports on your product stock with updates on the quantity of pending inventory. This will enable you to strategise and forecast next steps according to data analysis.

Outstanding Customer Service

Outstanding Customer Service

Customer experience is the ultimate assessment of a company’s success.

  • We help solve problems or complications by sharing ideas, educating the process requirements and handholding our valued customers
  • We exercise Patience in all our communication
  • Attentiveness to your concerns
  • Creativity and resourcefulness
  • We study your product minutely and share ideas to improve overall performance
  • We take care of all situations with empathy
Economic Advantages of Centralising the products

Economic Advantages of Centralising the products

There are many benefits in storing your goods in one warehouse. The business operations involving receiving, identifying, storing and distributing the goods will be easier & uncomplicated. It may appear like an unnecessary expense, but considering the practicality of the entire end to end operation, costs associated with transportation, outbound delivery and shipping are tremendously brought down. This makes the entire process faster and smoother, thereby increasing efficiency and achieving cost effectiveness.

Added Value Services

Added Value Services

If all your goods are in one place at the Eshopify warehouse, we can provide you with additional value-added services outside of traditional warehousing. These services include pickup, consolidation, mixing products, inspection of goods, sorting, branding, packaging (with materials such as paper bags, cartons, boxes etc.), labelling and shipping, kitting and assembly, cross-docking, B2B orders, etc. We at Eshopify will handle your unique and specific requirements with maximised flexibility so that the operational cost is minimised, meticulously saving time and money.



Protecting confidential information is vital. We take strict measures to ensure that it is well protected.
We never share confidential information or data (product information or number of units or selling strategy) to unauthorised people.

warehouse operations

Eshopify Warehouse

  • Spacious, modern, temperature-controlled warehousing environment.
  • Affordable and transparent pricing.
  • No seasonal fee hikes.
  • Central location, offering easy accessibility to and from all parts of the UAE.

Warehouse Operations

It is the process that takes place in a warehouse that covers many important stages, like movement of goods and tracking inventory.

These movements include:

  • Receiving inventory.
  • Categorised: specific temperature or dry warehousing requirement.
  • Placing each SKU into a separate dedicated storage location (e.g. in a shelf, bin, or on a pallet), and sending product to its next destination.
  • Waiting for the next necessary activity, like mixing products, picking, packing, etc.
  • Loading consignment on the track to deliver either to Amazon, Noon or any other platform