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Delivery TO KSA

Online Order Fulfillment — Our e-commerce fulfillment solution enables You to expand your business to the Saudi market!

We provide the most efficient and optimum shipping services to KSA. Our delivery choices are designed to suit the customer’s requirements, package size, budget, and timeline. Our customized solutions provide benefits such as versatility, defined transit time, complete information regarding declarations and authorities (Customs Clearances), a piece of real-time tracking information.

Here’s our operational process.

  • Inventory Receiving:
    Upon arrival, our inventory undergoes a meticulous process. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) counts, inspects, palletizes, shrink-wraps, and labels each item with a QR code.
  • Inventory Storage:
    After scanning the QR code, our workers receive guidance from the WMS, directing them to the specific bin location for each product.
  • Picking & Packing:
    Once an order is processed, our dedicated team picks and packs the products meticulously, ensuring they are prepared for swift delivery.
  • Shipping & Delivery:
    The finalized product is then shipped directly to the customer’s designated location or the nearest parcel point. We proudly cover 96 cities across Saudi Arabia!
  • Handling Returns:
    For a hassle-free experience, customers can conveniently register their returns online. Our courteous couriers promptly pick up the return items from the customer’s doorstep, ensuring a seamless process.

We also offer seamless shipping from Dubai to KSA.

Advantages Of Shipping Services From Dubai to KSA

  • Offering all logistical solutions in serving its clients and facilitating the import of their products and orders from Dubai to KSA.
  • Offer door to door shipping service 
  • Professional services in packing and packaging of several normal, sensitive and dangerous materials.
Other Services [Syndicate Advisors and Consultants]
  • Tax and Compliance: Implementation, Advisory, Due Diligence, Regulatory compliances, appeals and revisions and Training in the Value Added Tax, Corporate Tax, Excise Tax, Economic SubstanceRegulation, County by Country reporting, UBO.TAX AGENTS services for VAT and Excise
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping: Flexible outsourcing of accounting and bookkeeping. Complete outsourcing of accounting records, accounting supervision, AP/AR outsourcing, billing outsourcing, and secondment of accounting resources.
  • AML/CFT Compliances: GoAML Registration; AML/CFT policies and procedures, Training.Sanction/PEPS/Special Interest Screening and Reporting.
    Risk profiling- Assistance in the Ministries audit response Annual compliance reviews
  • Transaction Advisory: Due diligence, Business Valuation, Financial modelling, investor search, and post-merger services.
  • External Audits: We follow risk-based audit services that comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We acclimate our audit services to fit the client’s unique needs and build trust in audit reports and other financial reports.

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