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Smarter Solutions for Delivery
FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)


Warehouse FBA Delivery

The frontier math of warehouse management is: receiving, managing and delivering, “efficient planning, scientific process, accurate operation error-free in inventory” to ensure that products can enter or leave the warehouse in a proper way quickly.


We are familiar with Amazon measurements to deliver your goods, as promised to let you focusing on start selling your products quickly & smoothly.
Every delivery is different. We manage and doing delivery operations that successfully reach smoothly in a proper way and on time.

Delivery Prices


Above prices include:

  • Storage Free of charge for 7 days at Eshopify Warehouse - starting from receiving date (in case if the storage is for delivery).
  • Fixing the appointment by our expert team.
  • Loading & Unloading Cartons at Alquoz Warehouse & Amazon Warehouse.
  • Loading & Unloading Cartons at Alquoz Warehouse & Amazon Warehouse.
  • Above prices are applied only for shipping from Eshopify Warehouse in Alquoz Dubai to Amazon Warehouse DXB 2 or DXB 3 only (other Amazon Warehouse, Different prices to be applied).
  • Our experienced well-trained Eshopify courier staff who are familiar with Amazon measurements to deliver your goods smoothly.
  • Getting a proven stamp that Amazon received the cartons.
  • Well-equipped driver following the guidelines of safety measurement like wearing safety shoes, Safety vest, etc.
  • Waiting 2 hours at Amazon Warehouse (additional waiting hours to be charged).


  • If you need to make a quick shipment inspection to assure you that the items are well packed (to avoid return from your valuable customer which will affect your Amazon account health also to check if the FNSKU barcodes are sticked in a proper way and readable, there will be an extra charge of 00.50 Fils per item regardless number of Items.
  • If there are any Oversized Cartons: There is an extra charge will be applied – To be discussed case by case.
  • More than 3 CBM – Prices to be calculated and discussed – The reason that will use different capacity of truck
  • If you require to pick Cartons from your place, there will be an extra charge to be applied (depends on Location & number of Cartons)

Which is Better?

Shipping Direct from China to Amazon Warehouse (FBA) in Dubai

This is the only real practical advantage

  • You will give instruction one time (less handling) to the supplier to manage all steps starting from the production till delivery to Amazon FBA Warehouses.


  • It is not just to ask your supplier to stick the FNSKU bar code, then base your shipment on DDP to Amazon warehouse -- It is more complicated.
  • People think that it is cheaper than using 3PL which is not true.
  • People think that it is quicker than using 3PL which is not true
  • Can’t inspect order domestically before it gets to Amazon.
  • If you want to store some items in a 3PL Warehouse due to insufficient capacity of your amazon store, you can’t if you make shipment directly from China to Amazon FBA.
  • Shipments to multiple Amazon FCs is challenging.
  • Chinese Supplier will know that you’re selling on Amazon then they will start selling same product with cheaper prices under your listing which affects your business & your Amazon account health due to poor selling (unfortunately – Amazon Sellers underestimate this point).

Shipping to a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Company in Dubai Then to Amazon Warehouse (FBA) in Dubai

This is the only real practical advantage

  • Can inspect the order domestically before it reached at Amazon.
  • Dividing shipments to multiple Amazon FCs is easy to control.
  • Store some items at the 3PL warehouse.
  • Guaranteed delivery according to Amazon standards in a proper way.


  • More handling of your products.
  • People think that to save money is to let China supplier send directly the goods which is not true at all.

Actually, the forward company in China is calculating the additional cost to deliver the items to Amazon warehouse and include it in your invoice without mention that to you (hidden cost).

How It Works?

How It Works

After you create the shipping plan, send us the Shipping Label so we can arrange the delivery appointment, It is very important to identify your shipment (packed and labelled to meet Amazon’s FBA standards) So, we Eshopify check the below steps to ensure your products will be accepted at Amazon FC smoothly and without any hassle.

All products must have a FNSKU scannable barcode placed on the outside of each unit.

How It Works
  • After we receive the cartons, we count total number of each product, checking that it is already properly packed.
  • We Ensure that the Amazon carton labels (Shipping Label) which you generate it when you create shipping plan are visibly clear and re-check that it is matching with the FNSKU of the product.
  • Once we’re satisfied that the goods are palletised to Amazon’s standards and ready to go we book an appointment with Amazon Carrier Central so you don’t have to worry about it.  Once Amazon have allocated the delivery slot, we’ll let you know when your shipment will be delivered.
  • Delivery date, we Load the cartons then deliver it to Amazon.
How It Works